Create Your FM radio at Low Cost (Long range FM Transmitter)

Component listing:

Resistors Semiconductors 
  1. R1 = 27k 
  2. TR1 = BC547 
  3. R2 = 330k 
  4. TR2 = 2N2219 fitted with heat sink 
  5. R3 = 5k6 
  6. MIC = piezoelectric microphone 
  7. R4, R5 = 10k
  8. R6 = 100R

L = 6 turns 22 gauge enameled wire wound on 3⁄16″ former
  1. C1, C2, C3 = 330 pF
  2. C4 = 2–10 pF trimmer
  3. C5 = 4p7
  4. C6 = 1 nF
  5. C7,C8 = 40uF/25V Electrolytic

Circuit diagram for Long range FM Transmitter

Primo EF4+ in 4590 Taka

For android lover, walton offer Primo EF4+ in Android 6.0-Marshmallow

Walton Primo EF4+ - Full Specification - Operating System: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
- Display: 5" FWVGA
- Resolution: 854*480
- Processor: 1.2 GHz Quad Core
- GPU: MALI 400
- Battery: 2300 mAh Li-ion
- Camera: 5 MP + 2 MP
- Memory: 1 GB RAM & 8 GB ROM
- Expandable Memory: Support up to 64 GB
- Dimension: 145.09 x 73.28 x 10.35 mm cube
- Connectivity: 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth v4, Micro USB V2, OTA
- Sensors: Accelerometer, A-GPS

- Price: 4590 BDT

Earn by Ad Publishing, Best PPC Sites Publisher Ad Networks

In advertising industry PPC is most used term.

What is PPC?

In basic term, it's a mechanism for serving ads. On the other side, publishers want to earn money so they place ads on their own website or blog which pay them on the basis of pay per click. When the visitors of publisher site click on the advertiser ads, then advertiser has to pay for each successful valid click. Every website owner dreams to make some money from there website or blog through ads. PPC ads are the effective way to earn revenue for content by placing ppc ads on webpage where huge traffic is coming. When some one visit it and click on it, the publisher will earn money. But the problem for publisher and advertiser is while finding best PPC sites.

Here is suggest some best PPC of CPC sites for publisher.

# Propeller Ads:

It's fastest growing multi ad format network from all PPC websites. Propeller ads provides detailed for each site individually  for select best performing ad campaign. Its shows up as CPM based ad network. CPM, CPL, CPC and CPA. Overall this is one of the best network.
Ad Format: OnClick Ads, Video Ads, Mobile Ads on CPM, CPA, CPL and CPC bases.
Payout: Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Payza.

# Bitvertiser:

Bidvertiser is likewise a best decision in the event that you are not ready to get an endorsement from Adsense. Bidvertiser is additionally renowned and most seasoned best in all compensation per click locales and even perform well at some sort of web journals. It CPC rates are best as contrast with other little systems since they offer POP up, Banner and different other writing promoting procedures. Its CPC rates change from approx 0.02 to $10 and you get acquiring bases on aggregate win point. General execution is ideal if have adequate record of movement.
Ad Format: Banner Ads, In-text, Domain Parking, XML Feed Ads, Contextual Ads, Search Toolbar
Payment: PayPal.

# RevenueHits:

RevenueHits is the best PPC advertisement system for distributers who need to produce more incomes with best in class Contextual and Geo focused on Ad Serving innovation. It gives self administrations to distributers, where any website admin can come and get labels and begin profiting. RevenueHits additionally offers a self administration for Advertisers, where anybody can come and purchase brilliant activity.
Ad Format: Display Ads, Text Ads, Pop up/Under
Payout: PayPal.

# InfoLinks Ads:

Infolinks is In-content connection based best in all compensation per click destinations. On the off chance that you have content based rich website or blog then Infolinks is best decision for acquire some income. The best some portion of Infolinks is they don't need and space for flags. Infolinks show focused on advertisements for any pertinent watchword from you content. You can likewise utilize watchword Tag cloud from Infolinks on you site or Infolinks can be use as inquiry promotions. Infolinks don't cover the spaces so that is the reason you can utilize different advertisements standard from Adsense or other contrasting option to gain more income for site content.
Ad Format: In-text Ads, Search ads, In tag cloud.
Payment: PayPal, Wire Transfer.

# Clicksor Ads:

This is additionally one of the best Alternative for other in-content based too for flag advertisements. Clicksor is ideal and well known stage of publicist and distributer. It has a few promoting position like in-content advertisements and logical flag promotions. Clicksor likewise partitions distributer in two gatherings on the bases of aggregate impressions. Clicksor is Bid based CPC and CPM advertisements system. Its offer less CPC rates as contrast with above Sites. On the off chance that additionally offer Referral Program which implies you procure 10% income from the Publisher you allude for utilizing Clicksor.
Ad Format: In-text and contextual banner ads, Pop under and other text based ads.
Payout: Check or PayPal.

How to earn money by youtube

Youtube is a social media platform for upload video. On the other hand it's a video sharing platform. You can easily upload your video and share to your cercle.

Almost every people in this day know you can earn money form youtube and they do, do, do and do. They search, search and search in google "How to earn money from youtube?"

In my view there are many classification of those people. I don't want to share of those stories, i want to share of mine.

When i find the monetize option in my account i was sitting down with calculator and calculated my revenue without upload any video. After some days i started to upload others video. At that time i wasn't concern about terms and condition. I started to get this massage that your video is blocked world wide. I got it many times. I started to search how to bypass youtube copyright issue? I found some video and try to follow them but i failed. At that time i stated to calculate that "Am i a fool?"

I view others video and want to learn. I delete all of those think from my memory. Then i started to find my answers in google support. Now i know how to earn by youtube.

I share some steps for new comer in this field:

> Verify your google mail account by your phone number.
> Create a channel and Fill all of your channel information.
> Take a pen and some blank paper.
> Close your pc and go outside of your home (you can take a ride/can go river side etc.)
> Now note down what you want to do through your channel, what you want to share.
> Make a good article by your thinking power, mind it you are the one.
> Come to infornt of your pc and follow the steps what you write down.
> Make your video and use a good background music or your voice.
> Share your video and use some good key word.

> Don't try to share others video, it will be harmful for your channel.

Those are basic idea and it's not more informatic. If you need any help, please use google and read their information carefully.

Adsense Account Approval for Blogspot Blog

We as a whole realize that AdSense relevant promotions are best-paying Ad program for Bloggers. However, I have effectively shared my instructional exercise on: Create Adsense account yet address continues as before: How to get Adsense account endorsement for BlogSpot bloggers, getting an AdSense endorsement is not that simple. Google AdSense have some strict record endorsement arrangements, and one of them is site ought to be six months old. However, it's not generally genuine, and on the off chance that you have made a quality Website, you can get an affirmed AdSense account effectively.

The real issue is for BlogSpot bloggers, for a few reasons Google AdSense, doesn't engross BlogSpot bloggers. A standout amongst the most widely recognized reason BlogSpot bloggers get is Issue with page sort. One simple approach to get AdSense account with a BlogSpot site is gotten a custom area, make an expert Email address and apply for AdSense account. This works, in 70% of cases.

step by step instructions to get adsense account 

There is a straightforward trap which you can use to get your AdSense account endorsed for Blogspot space rapidly.

On the off chance that your BlogSpot account have adequate number of post (least 20+) then it's anything but difficult to get your AdSense account affirmed. On the off chance that you have individual space and host odds of AdSense endorsement are high.

Presently the inquiry is:

Step by step instructions to get Adsense account endorsement for BlogSpot blog:

Purchase a custom area name.

Use Google applications to make an area particular email address.

Include pages like About, Contact

Guarantee you utilize a clean BlogSpot outline. Here are sans few BlogSpot layouts.

Have atleast 10-15 elegantly composed blog entries.

Guarantee you don't utilize copyright pictures. Here you can discover destinations to download free pictures. In the event that you have replicated pictures from Google seek, do a reversal and erase it from your online journal.

Guarantee your sidebar looks clean and expert.

Apply for AdSense and appreciate!